getting on with it

so after a rather distressing year,
with failing health and a boyfriend of 13plus years revealing
 "i've found someone on line"
i finally feel like i may have gotten my feet back under me.
it's the little things that i have been taking back.
like today i went to the movies with a great friend.
we saw the black swan.
it was very good. dark and very good.
and the health thing? i have decided i better take care of myself.
i know after 58 years it's sad it took me this long.
but there you are. i am. and things are better.
i am happy again.
now stir in my granddaughter, emily, the light of my life. 
i am happy again.
so now i feel like i really can contribute to the art doll collective two spectacular women have included me in. maybe all this is a result of the companionship and support of these fine artistic friends. and what it all comes down to is
i am happy again.


  1. There is something about sharing creative energy that is positive for all of us. I'm glad you are happy. I enjoy your camaraderie, creativity and energy.

  2. I am glad we are on the creative ride together! It wouldn't be the same without you.