sometimes you have to act

there are a few blogs and sites i have been following for a few years.
OK, i lurk on these sites, not commenting usually.
 i am often impressed and inspired by the artists who write them.
one such artist is michelle ward
a true original, massively creative and inspiring.
she put me onto the socks for japan site and i just imploded.
my girls (misae, my daughter-in-law and sweet emily, my granddaughter)
 have been visiting family over there for the past two months.
they are in kaga and safe on the west coast of the island.
but i have been panic stricken for weeks.
so when i saw the socks site i decided it was time to act.
and i am taking my elementary school kids with me.
we will be collecting and packaging socks for shipment to japan.
everyone is interested and willing to help.
how cool is that!
so i just had to put this out there and get into the frey, finally.
will keep you posted as things progress.

1 comment:

  1. *waves at chris*
    bravo on your blog...
    and on your sock drive.
    happy to hear your
    loved ones are safe.
    thank you for the very
    kind words.