mini moleskine
started at home a few months ago

opening pages

delia and kettle

the bells...they live next door
these are characters for a children's book....
trying to motivate my sister

these are tapes for old layout work.
before computers.


collage and washi tape

more collage and mixed media

and from my time in the japans.
in the middle of the spread is a tip-in of a bank envelope.
i did get some inquiring looks as i went from atm to atm collecting different envelopes.
go on about your business, there's nothing for you here.
inside the tip-in is a red stamp for kanazawa train station on a receipt.
there are stamps stationed all over japan at interesting places.

and the latest.
incorporating some of my granddaughter's early scribbles.
she's quite an artist.
and that's her palette.

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